Here at HCC, we believe that Discipleship is not just a piece of the church but everything we do. Our vision is to Multiply Chirst-Centered Communities, and in order to accomplish this vision, we need to make disciples who make disciples. That's what next steps are all about! 

First Steps at HCC

The Bible teaches that we are saved by grace through faith. Along with believing and turning from sin, baptism is one of the ways God has instructed us to respond to Him by faith. Baptism is a command, a picture, and a connection point. 

If you have questions about baptism, would like to be baptized, or need more information on sharing about baptism with someone else, we would love to walk alongside you. 
Membership is not something that is required or mentioned in the Bible. The purpose of church membership is to declare commitment to the body at HCC. While there are no requirements to become a member at HCC, we believe a committed member at HCC is someone who is in a journey group, serving, and giving at HCC.

If you have questions about membership, contact Mary Beth Roy using the link below.
Are you interested in serving at HCC? Serving is a great way to get involved in the life of the church and the community which surrounds the church. If you are interested in finding more information about serving at HCC, click the link below.

Go Deeper at HCC

Whether you are new to faith or a lifelong follower of Jesus, The Path will help you deepen your understanding of God's Word and His role in your life! The Path is a three-stage program in small group style. It is offered several times throughout the year and is regarded as one of our most meaningful and beneficial programs at HCC!
Journey Groups are crucial for any follower of Jesus. As humans created in the image of God, we need community. Journey Groups are our small groups that meet all over the area in homes, some at the church, and are meeting the needs of people in our community at large. No matter how long you have been following Jesus, we encourage you to connect with a community of believers in Journey Groups.
Discipleship Groups are a great place for anyone interested in growing in their relationship with Jesus. D-Groups are groups of 3-5 people of the same gender that meet weekly, read Scripture, and keep each other accountable in discipleship. If you are interested in more information, click the link below.