MIssionary Partners

2024 HCC Missions Faith Promise

HCC’s Missions Faith Promise is a part of our mission to Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples. Faith Promise is a personal pledge from you to God, that with His help you will faithfully support missions.  Each November, the HCC family make anonymous promises to support missions for the coming year.  The money collected for Faith Promise is kept separate from the church’s General Fund.

Our goal for missions in 2024 is $145,000.00.
Team Expansion North Africa
Georgé & Maria Gonzales* making disciples among the Muslim culture in North Africa.  *Pseudonyms
Team Expansion Spain: Ayala Family
"Our call in Caracas, Venezuela, where we grew up and came to Christ. In Caracas, God helped us to take our first steps into ministry as He was also preparing us to come to the field. By His grace we helped plant two churches, train others.

We are serving Him in Spain since 2016, we’ve been part of a team that is located in the south of Spain in the city of Granada. With the goal to see a disciple-making movement (DMM) and church-planting movement (CPM) in our state Granada by the year 2024. We are also pushing forward a coalition to help others see a DMM or CPM in their Autonomous Communities (17 in total).

Our main goal start with us, been followers of Christ who obey, put into practice, and share with others what the Word of God says. Our mission begins at home in our own lives trying to follow and imitate Christ every day. We take that to every relationship we can establish by prayer walking through unreached towns, seeking opportunities to meet others. We want to be part of our community and serve them. We also plant Gospel seeds through media efforts that allow us to find and reach those who are not currently in our circle of influence but are seeking God. Training and equipping local churches and leaders.

We trust that God has a plan for this nation and we strive to see it happen right in front of our eyes. We’d love to partner with you to bring Christ to this country!"
Team Expansion Spain: Dionna Linn
"I have been serving as a missionary in Granada, Spain since May of 2018, working with a team of church planting missionaries (including Gabo and Bárbara Ayala, also supported by HCC). Our team’s vision is to see a Disciple-Making Movement and Church Planting Movement sweep across the nation of Spain – our hearts yearn to see the nation of Spain turn to the Lord.

Our efforts are driven by Jesus’ promise in Luke 10:2… “the harvest IS plentiful.” Even in a country where many might doubt this reality, we choose to trust that Jesus meant it when He said it. Our focus among the lost in Spain is to find those who are ripe for the harvest, through close and not-so-close connections. We sow Gospel seeds abundantly among the personal connections we have, and thanks to technology, we are also able to cast a wide net over various regions of Spain utilizing an online media ministry. 

We do prayer walks regularly in unreached towns, searching for people of peace and starting simple Bible studies with seekers (Bible studies that can easily evolve in to house churches). Using our online media ministry, we are also able to connect with spiritual seekers all over Spain and connect them with on-the-ground disciple-makers who can walk with them on their spiritual journey. We also work alongside existing believers (new and old), equipping those who follow Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. We do formal evangelism trainings, one-on-one discipleship, and even long-distance training helping existing Spanish believers reach their own people. 

There is no doubt that HCC has had an incredible impact in my life over the years, beginning with my grandparents, my parents, and now myself as a missionary. Thank you again for your faithful investment in the kingdom over the years!"

Galicia, Spain: Gabriella
Gabriella Balestrini is a missionary making disciples in Galicia, Spain. She works with Rebekka Hannum, and Migel & Silvia Testone on Anchor418, Team Galicia. The mission Anchor418 exists to make disciples and plant churches by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.

Residing in the midsize town of Ordes, Team Galicia has a vision to fulfill the Great Commission in word and deed. Their mission is to broadcast the gospel in every town in Galicia, connect others outside of Ordes to biblical churches in their area, and make disciples of those in the community.
Christian Children's Home of Ohio
"Our Children’s Residential Center provides a safe structured environment to meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of children from all across Ohio who have been abused, neglected and traumatized by the people they should be able to trust most. Children ages 6-18 live in spacious cottages and are provided with therapeutic, social, spiritual and educational opportunities designed to aid the child with the healing process, model for them how a healthy family functions, develop coping and life skills, and introduce them to Jesus Christ."
Team Expansion East Africa
Sailor Boatman* is a Team Expansion Missionary discipling Muslims in a closed country. *Pseudonym
Renaissance Church: Jennifer and Aaron Johnson
Jennifer and Aaron Johnson planted a church with their family in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.
Kentucky Christian University
Kentucky Christian University is located in the beautiful foothills of Eastern Kentucky. For over a century, KCU has been transforming the hearts and minds of students through a Christ-Centered academic community that is both academically rigorous and intimately personal. "We emphasize the three key values of Christ, Character, and Career."
Strategic World Evangelism: Leonard Thompson
Leonard Thompson is a missionary in Chennai, India. Leonard provides preaching and teaching on TV as well as through their webpage.
TCM International
TCM International is located in Vienna, Austria. They are training eastern European church planters.
Mashoko Christian Hospital
Dr Zindoga and Dinah Bungu lead Mashoko Christian Hospital is located in Zimbabwe, Africa. Mashoko is medical evangelism where they treat people as well as train nurses for medical missions.
Endeavor Ministries: Randy and Sandy Finch
Randy and Sandy Finch are missionaries discipling international Muslim students.  *Pseudonyms
World-Wide Hispanic Outreach
World Wide Hispanic Leadership was founded in 2010 by Ernesto and Olga Fuentes, and their son Dr. Esly Fuentes now oversees the ministry in Mexico which includes; medical evangelism, church evangelism & discipleship, a camp & retreat center, and a child sponsorship program. This ministry focuses on meeting the needs of their surrounding community, state, country and world.
Pioneer Bible Translators: Jeff and Laura Wilhoit
Pioneer Bible Translators exists to disciple the Bibleless, mobilizing God’s people to provide enduring access to God’s Word. Our vision is to see transformed lives through God's Word in every language. Jeff Wilhoit serves as Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, and Global Security Advisor. Jeff’s primary responsibility is implementing the vision and strategies of Pioneer Bible Translators. His many roles include providing leadership to the IT, media, and support services departments, developing partnerships with other mission organizations to accelerate the task of Bible translation, providing security advice and training for Pioneer Bible Translators missionaries, and overseeing plans for a new building in Dallas from which to recruit, train, and send the next generation of Bible translators to start and finish 250 translation projects by 2050.

Jeff and Laura serve in Bible translation and literacy in the Toma language of West Africa, and Laura is a Bible translation consultant for teams working in other West African languages. The Wilhoits plan to produce a dramatized audio version of the New Testament in 2022, partnering with Faith Comes By Hearing, and to publish the whole Toma Bible in print in 2023.
WISE Bible College
The mission of Windward Islands School of Evangelism is to evangelize Caribbean societies and bring them to Christian maturity through the development of leaders for the church.